GTF Jetscoot Casual Edition



Electric Scooters for children and adults can be an alternative method of transportation also referred to as dirt scooters due to their large, inflatable tyres that can easily drive across bumps, cracks and a wide range of urban terrain.

GTF Jetscoot Casual Edition weighs a mere 11 kg, folds and will cover a distance of 20 km with speeds up to 28 km/h. With front and rear suspension and a powerful yet silent in wheel brushless motor. 

GTF Jetscoot Casual Edition- An electric scooter for the whole family.


  • Patented Battery with temperature cut off, balance charging, overvoltage protection enclosed in protective
  • Only GTF can offer original accessories from damages and scratches.
  • Certified High End Samsung batteries.
  • 3-colours LED-indicator that show you level of charging.
  • Equipped with one powerful 250W electric motor.
  • Auto shutdown when not in use.
  • Over 14 Quality and Safety Standards.
  • Compliance with electrical standards, electromagnetic compatibility, limits for harmonic current emissions, mechanical and physical hoverboard safety and extensive battery safety standards.

Technical Characteristics.

  • Max. Speed 28 km/h
  • Max. mileage 20 km
  • Capacity 1 x 250W
  • Max. load 100 kg
  • Tyre size 200 mm
  • IP protection IP44
  • Battery protection IP54
  • Operating Temperature -10C ~ 50C
  • Storage Temperature -10C ~ 20C
  • Battery SAMSUNG 36V, 5 AH, Li-ION
  • Charge Voltage 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Charging Time 1.5 - 2.5h
  • Unfolded Jetscoot size 1055x530x1100 mm
  • Box size 1025x225x375 mm 
  • Net Weight 11 kg
  • Total Weight 13 Kg
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty