• GTF Jetroll Mini (Cosmic Yellow Gloss)



    Following the footseps of the Classic and United 8 the GTF Jetroll Mini has been designed with safety, reliability and unique design in mind.

    Further to client demand our design team at Go To The Future Ltd deliver a mini Jetroll unique in design and specifically engineered for children between the ages 3-13 years of age.

    Lighter than any Jetroll we have ever designed the GTF Jetroll mini combines all the latest leading innovative technology and safety features delivering a superior drive experience utilising the highest quality components.


    • Unique design lightest GTF Jetroll for ages 3-13.
    • Unique Battery Cooling Enclosure.
    • Highest quality ABS plastic.
    • Only GTF can offer original accessories from damages and scratches.
    • All airwheels are equipped with 3-buttons remote control.
    • Certified Samsung batteries.
    • 3-colours LED-indicator that show you level of charging.
    • Equipped with two powerful 200W electric motors.
    • Auto shutdown when not in use.
    • Front LED Lights
    • Over 14 Quality and Safety Standards.
    • Compliance with electrical standards, electromagnetic compatibility, limits for harmonic current emissions, mechanical and physical airwheel safety and extensive battery safety standards.

    Technical Characteristics.

    • GTF GYRO 2Х3 TT
    • Max. Speed 10 km/h
    • Max. mileage 20 km
    • Capacity 2 x 200W
    • Ground Clearance 40 mm
    • Max. lift angle 20 degrees
    • Min. load 10 kg
    • Max. load 60 kg
    • Tyre size 115 mm
    • Pedal height 110 mm
    • Remote control 3 buttons
    • IP protection IP44
    • Battery Protection IP54
    • Operating Temperature -10C ~ 50C
    • Storage Temperature -10C ~ 20C
    • Battery SAMSUNG 36V, 2.2 AH, Li-ION
    • Charge Voltage 100-240V 50-60Hz
    • Charging Time 1.5 - 2.5h
    • Jetroll size 530x180x160 mm
    • Box size 575x220x230 mm
    • Net Weight 5.8 kg
    • Total Weight 8 Kg
    • One Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Available in Cosmic Yellow, Sky Blue and Light Pink Gloss