• GTF Jetroll Cross Country 9



    GTF Jetroll Cross Country 9 Edition - Reliable, powerful and solid. Our weatherproof hoverboard created to overcome most obstacles and difficult drive conditions with self stabilising technology that automatically levels your hoverboard when powered on allowing the user to get on the board with ease and comfort. Furthermore you can adjust sensitivity, LED lights, view your current cruising speed and self calibrate with our specifically designed smartphone app (iOS and Android) allowing you to control every feature of your hoverboard from the comfort of your smartphone. 

    A brand new model Cross Country - the "SUV" among hoverboards. The nine inch wheels with wide treads compliment for a superior drive experience in cross country, mud and even in loose sand.

    GTF Jetroll Cross Country Edition - The best gift for parents and children alike. GTF Jetroll Cross Country Edition is a highly intuitive easy to handle hoverboard available in a variety of different colours.


    • Firm and quality ABS plastic.
    • Only GTF can offer original accessories from damages and scratches.
    • All smarboards are equipped with 3-buttons remote control.
    • Certified Samsung batteries.
    • 3-colours LED-indicator that show you level of charging.
    • Equipped with two powerful 300W electric motors.
    • Auto shutdown when not in use.
    • Front and Rear LED Lights
    • Over 14 Quality and Safety Standards.
    • Compliance with electrical standards, electromagnetic compatibility, limits for harmonic current emissions, mechanical and physical personal mobility device safety and extensive battery safety standards.

    Technical Characteristics.

    • GTF GYRO 3X3 TT System
    • Safety Speed 12 km/h
    • Max. Speed 20 km/h
    • Max. mileage 15-20 km
    • Capacity 2 x 400W
    • Max. lift angle 30 degrees
    • Rotation radius 0 degrees
    • Min. load 20 kg
    • Max. load 160 kg
    • Tyre size 220mm
    • Remote control 3 buttons
    • IP protection IP44
    • Operating Temperature -10C ~ 50C
    • Storage Temperature -10C ~ 20C
    • Certified Battery SAMSUNG 36V, 4.4 AH, Li-ION
    • Charge Voltage 100-240V 50-60Hz
    • LED Light Gloss White
    • Charging Time 1.5 - 2.5h
    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • Jetroll size 620x280x265 mm
    • Box size 690x310x300 mm
    • Net Weight 14 kg
    • Total Weight 17Kg
    • One Year Manufacturer Warranty