• GTF Jetroll Battery with Automatic Temperature and Cooling Safety Features



    As an established high quality battery powered vehicle manufacturer Go To The Future Ltd introduces the next generation of GTF Jetroll with multi layer safety features for all future GTF Jetroll models allowing your device to run cooler and even safer.

    Introducing the first battery powered vehicle with temperature control, battery cooling material, balance charging and ABS protective battery casing allowing your GTF Jetroll to run even safer and with extended battery life.

    The only manufacturer on the market with Automatic Temperature and Cooling Safety features for your battery powered vehicle.

    The new patented Innovative Battery Cooling  system is offered only by GTF Jetroll in Compliance with European, British and International electrical standards, electromagnetic compatibility, limits for harmonic current emissions, mechanical and physical personal mobility device safety and extensive battery safety standards.

    UPC: 637307641454
    EAN: 0637307641454