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Technology and design developed by Go To The Future Ltd in the United Kingdom.

As manufacturers of our own hoverboards have the luxury to hand pick only the best, quality tested components to complement your hoverboard. Our rigorous mechanical wear tests in certified authorized laboratories ensure our hoverboards are in compliance with electrical standards, electromagnetic compatibility, limits for harmonic current emissions, mechanical and hoverboard safety and extensive battery safety standards. The only manufacturer with embedded Automatic Temperature and Cooling Battery Safety features for hoverboards.

With over 14 quality and safety standards GTF Jetroll UK is one of the few if not only manufacturers of hoverboards complying with international and safety standards allowing us to distribute our goods via both passenger and cargo internationally recognised airlines worldwide, offering only the best hoverboards to Cyprus via our authorised partners AirWheel Cyprus.

Our fans and friends

Hoverboard Cyprus | AirWheelCy
AirWheelCy has been supplying certified GTF Jetroll hoverboards to Cyprus since summer 2015. With hundreds of satisfied customers in Cyprus and thousands more in Europe and the Middle East GTF Jetroll designs and manufactures GTF Jetroll hoverboards while setting the highest standard of quality and safety standards for the future of hoverboard devices while always improving future models through our dedicated research and development team.

With esteemed clientele including Sakis Rouvas, Evelyn Kazantzoglou, A.M. SNiPER, 2J, Louis Patsalides and many more. AirWheelCy supplies only the safest, most reliable hoverboards with a superior drive experience to the whole of Cyprus, with over seven hundred happy customers.

AirWheel Cyprus.